Water purification industry price waralliives business survi

   With the market downturn, the price war between the water purifier brand more and more intense, but consumers are not buying it so. With the gradual rationalization of the consumer market, the price war has gradually "fall from grace." The price war spread, for water purification companies rely on low prices is difficult to survive, water purifier marketing price war palliative.




water purification industry price war palliatives difficult business survival (Photo from Internet)

   a price war led to a vicious cycle

   [ 123] the value of a commodity is integrated by the material itself, such as a combination practicality and the brand, the price of natural water purifier also contains these, and once the price adjustment is too large, enterprises will face a loss of business situation, so long each business will face closure crisis, but depending on how long it lasts strength can be measured up.

   Although most people think of todays water industry profits greatly (is true), but if the company has been to the price points to retain customers, long past a vicious cycle, the end result is not a win-win situation, and is the enterprise itself to make ends meet, or the enterprise will material, operations service system has been adjusted, to ease price pressures. Finally, triggered by either the enterprise itself at risk of closure, or is no longer business products to meet customer demand, ultimately boycotted disappear in the market competition. No matter from which point of view, the enterprise itself is worth the candle.

   Second, the product quality can not be "cheap"

   more and more rational consumers to buy products, purchase a water purifier first factor to consider is always the quality of the product. Product quality tests, even if the prices were lower, better service, consumers will be difficult.

   Thus, "cheap" is not a permanent solution, and the product quality is the water purifier business to snatch market share basis, to ensure product quality, high-quality products for consumers, in order to enable enterprises to win at the starting line. The key to ensuring product quality, with quality assurance from raw material to the factory strict management, process control and other aspects of the details.

   The industry believes that the price will only allow enterprises to win customers in a passive state, once started, it is difficult to end. Every business has its own unique, this is the most important feature in the competition itself, the company has been insisting to product value onlyIs to attract consumers maximum protection, simply the price to attract customers, the enterprise does not make go away. (Source: HC purification network)

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