Victor conquered in the end what CCTV

   CCTV, Chinas largest television media, whether it is covered by the scope of the market, the market level, or audience, all with superior penetration, so its information dissemination authority, to promote the brand influence, the senior leadership of attention all doubt. Therefore CCTV in the choice of partner, the focus is on the development of business strength, reputation and social credibility, because it is able to determine whether a business is conducive to social progress, it will help improve the quality of life of the masses of hard targets. At the beginning of this year, the first time CCTV choose strategic alliance with Victor home, which is full recognition of the strength of enterprises and level of development, CCTV jointly re-heavy build "the impossible" new media interactive platform program, it is also of Victors trust and expectations. As domestic appliances building materials "one-stop, the whole category of" business model leading brands, Victor undoubtedly have come in the front kitchen electric company, and as an opportunity to improve brand reputation, to fight the Chinese people well known electric kitchen brand.


   So why Victor can beat many strong industry brand, and justifiably become "the impossible" title sponsor program of new media interactive platform it?

   Generally speaking the product is the foundation, is to support the brand, model is king. Victors core competence is the core product innovation, brand upgrade, open innovation model, adhere to the user-centric, continued to open new journey.

   ingenuity focus on the spirit

   2016, is a national highly focused "artisan spirit," strongly advocated "Thirteen Five" the first year of high-end manufacturing. As the home appliance industry veteran enterprises, Victor perfect inherited 30 years of ingenuity feelings, and now still maintain this standard ingenuity manufacturing, to create "good quality" brand connotation, we are committed to providing customers with high quality products. And the hand in the CCTV, "the impossible", Victor is the good quality of the new release.


   Aerospace Science and Technology Power

   All along, China Space Foundation all have strict requirements for strategic partners, such as China must have a brand well-known trademarks or China; there is in the industry honesty, good image, high strength, high-technology products, and business development potential. ? April 24, 2016, Victor smart home officially became Chinas space industry partners, officially opened the brand sublimation pace. Chinas aerospace quality management, new technologiesSupport the operation, new materials and other Victor will bring tremendous change in product innovation, so as to offer consumers better products.


   to master the core technology

   Victor in the selection of products "Casino careful to take", only the top brands in the industry have the opportunity for final screening to be high-end technology create products. For example, Victor hood unique frequency "technology, plus with industry-leading frequency conversion motor, suction is not only large, but also low noise, low energy efficiency. All assembly" steel stove "gas stove, all using high-density copper build, durable. CO detection systems and electric heat of combustion Victor assembly of three leakage disconnect the system are greatly protect the safety of customers using the product. "DPWP" Victor hydrodynamic water purification product purification technology, complete the impurities in the water, rust, sediment, colloids, bacteria, viruses exorcised, escort families living water. and faucets, showers and other bathroom products, all high purity copper body build, resolutely do not recover copper from the raw material stage began to control the precipitation of lead, so lead levels far below national standards. in addition, R & D Victor smart toilet cover, not only would dare challenge the Japanese goods, but also exported to over 40 countries around the world, so that Chinese-made to the world. enterprises adhere to create beautiful and practical kitchen industry trend is to bring fresh blood for the development of the industry to bring more possible, especially in product innovation, focus on key objectives is to improve the kitchen environment will be smoke-free, no pollution of healthy life in the kitchen delivered to millions of households.


   innovative strength active

   times are changing, the market is changing, Victor and create unique "one-stop, all categories "marketing platform, swept the market, to achieve contrarian growth; implementation of active marketing, promotional activities held in cities across the country blasting; to build a one-stop service, improve service, enhance service to create differentiated by ...... pioneering concept of pattern, take Rang world, Victor always a time to enlarge Henzhao, before the break through the line, the strategic layout!

   2017, standing at a new starting point, Victor again with CCTV, a new model of integrated marketing communication open to a new marketing model, is a strong force, let Victor in the highly competitive home appliance building materials industry will emerge and become influential high-end brand, so that more consumers to enjoy Victor-quality kitchen and living.

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