Zunyi Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision helping long-t

   May 5, Zunyi Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in a row after attending Chishui Poverty Alleviation fight and win to observe the scene, immediately rushed to the Bureau of Chishui City linked to long-term help to convey the Chishui Village, town long battle poverty alleviation winning spirit of the meeting and to inspect and guide the work of poverty alleviation, helping poor people and hang visit family.

   Upon learning of the current long-term village drinking water safety and water pipe network construction of much-needed part of the funds, decided to adjust the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau immediately from office expenses out of 30,000 yuan in funds for the construction of the villages drinking water project . Last year, the council will adjust the 52 million yuan for the construction of village road from the village of long-term funds in the office.

   head of the council requires, poverty alleviation work to further increase in the thinking and understanding; again in detail on the measures, then work harder; again fine work in helping to really help poor, really poor; again on the pragmatic work style, and then solid.

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