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  Water purifier market, commercial, household water purifiers there is unlimited potential of: Tim net water purifier Views: 515 Published: 2016-12-16 9:58:51 household water purifiers field house on fire, but also spent many franchisees water purifier and water purifier dealers energy. In taking into account household water purifiers, water purifiers, there are many franchisees will be extended to the field of vision of commercial water purification field. 鍑€姘村櫒甯傚満锛屽晢鐢ㄣ€佸鐢ㄥ噣姘村櫒閮藉瓨鍦ㄦ棤闄愭綔鍔沖鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘 First, the market potential for the development of commercial water purification company in the field of multi-force commercial water purification market is also huge, because it covers almost all public places, including office buildings, canteens restaurants, hotels, hospitals, airports, etc., 2020 , the market size of Chinas commercial water purifier may be up to one hundred billion yuan. The market share of home water purifier market, reverse osmosis water purifier is also expanding, product upgrading is accelerating. Second, the reverse osmosis water purifier market share continued to expand this year, the water purifier market in a period of adjustment, although overall growth has slowed, but the internal structure increasingly clear development direction. Reverse osmosis water, through the 2010 controversy, the 2011 development, market position established in 2013, currently remains relatively strong growth. The PRC, according to estimates, the first half of 2016 water purifier market size of 9.5 billion yuan broken, an increase of 34.1%. Yangtze latest data also show that, although bottled water is still in the terminal market share of more water, but the water machine sales is far higher than the bottled water. Which from January to October 2106, the proportion of online pure water reached 61.2%, an increase of 9.5% over the same period in 2105. Pure water 84.3% for the proportion of water purification product line, the line has reached 53.8%. According to this trend, reverse osmosis water machine market coverage will continue to expand. Third, the rapid escalation of products, more new products into the market, according 2016--2021 Chinas water industry market demand and investment advisory report to understand, with the development of the water industry, water purification in recent years about the show or forums more and more, and each major event or forums have new releases. In addition to the exhibition and forum released under the new release, as well as lines. Whether fair or released under the forum, online or offline new products, both for the 2016 family of water purification products has injected new vitality, enriching the product type. After severalYears of rapid development, water purifier market a lot of problems. In the case of 2016 industry slowdown, so we have the opportunity to look at the overall market environment, the "reshuffle", "adjustment", "Ebb Tide stage" a few key words became the largest market for water purification description of. The so-called industry reshuffle, to develop, upgrade something that is multifaceted, and the product is precisely the most fundamental part of the reshuffle. In short, whether it is domestic or commercial water purification products, only to meet consumer demand as the foundation, through product upgrades, making beautiful, comfortable and practical, allowing users peace of mind, rest assured of a good product, water purifier market is considered completed the real shuffle, upgrade.

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