What process water purificion device


   large-scale water purification equipment from a functional perspective the main issue is to compensate for the limitations of a small water purifier water supply capacity to meet the different levels of large crowds with water problems, the following Xiaobian a look at water purification device What process right?




water purification device is a raw water after a certain purification process, so that the effluent quality meets or meet certain standards for water preparation process, a common water purification device includes not only the home water purifier, in poor water quality, drinking water, densely populated areas, while living daily with water (vegetables, water heating, cooking, bathing) and other affected alone a home water purifier to solve difficult problems, and large-scale water purification equipment You can come in handy at this time, following up specific look at what the process water purification device, right?


water purification equipment can be subdivided into: Ultrafiltration deep water purification system, brackish water / seawater desalination system, drinking water (water supply) systems, demineralized water system.


Water Purification System depth ultrafiltration process: Raw water 鈫?raw water booster pump raw water tank 鈫?鈫?quartz sand filter activated carbon filter 鈫?鈫?鈫?softener dosing precision filter 鈫?ultrafiltration membrane device 鈫?鈫?


brackish water desalination system sterilization process apparatus producing tank 鈫?鈫?鈫?constant pressure water supply point: raw water (brackish) raw water tank 鈫?鈫?鈫?pretreatment system high-pressure pump dosing devices 鈫?鈫?RO UV ozone 鈫?鈫?membrane 鈫?column 鈫?purified water reservoir


drinking water system process: raw water 鈫?original raw water booster tank 鈫?鈫?鈫?multi-media filter softener 鈫?the RO water storage tank 鈫?鈫?reverse osmosis unit booster pump frequency controller 鈫?鈫?鈫?sterilization system 鈫?water supply pipe network point


system process demineralized water: raw water 鈫?original raw water booster tank 鈫?鈫?鈫?quartz sand filter activated carbon filter 鈫?softener 鈫?booster tank 鈫?鈫?water points


by the introduction of small series, water purification equipment process which we all know, if you want to know more about the family drinking water, it would continue to Browse the contents of this site home security, so that the family can drink safe water.




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